Basalt Opportunity

Basalt rocks sources in Yemen are unlimited, as well as the existing investment of basalt stones in the local construction sector; there are many studies that show the great potential for investment in the basalt industry. Government analyzes* show that the technical specifications of the basalt in Yemen are standard. Silica oxide ranges from 47.80 to 49.15%, alumina between 12.70 and 15.80%, iron between 11.20 to 15.44%, viscosity between 1.2 to 1.8 and acidic between 1.66 and 2.50.

We will focus on a new application of basalt rocks, basalt reinforcement rebar, where we expect Yemen to need huge amounts of steel reinforcement rebar after the end of the aggression for reconstruction. We see here a great opportunity to replace steel with basalt, especially in government projects such as bridges and roads.
Over the next short period, Silica will have access licenses and understandings with local owners of basalt quarries, allowing us to invest immediately when customers are available.